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The winning prize of $10,000 was shared between two winners.


Neutron Dance; What to wear to the disco apocalypse – survival of the hottest.

Judges’ comments

The innovative technologies behind how the outfit was crafted to bring to life sustainable performance fabrics. Not only style, but functionality was considered in Rebecca’s philosophy to permanently engineer textiles that reduce and eliminate wastage.

The reversible, detachable and adjustable garments will allow the textiles to extend the lifecycle of the outfit so that you can wear them how you want to wear them. The judges gravitated towards the colours. Sustainable does not have to mean neutral or bland colours. The judges felt Rebecca’s design had technical difference rather than taking a traditional approach. Certainly, a design for the future.


Six Seasons

Judges’ comments

The judges applauded the zero waste pattern. The choice of fabrics was thoughtful and environmental. Natural material and techniques. The gender-neutral inclusivity of the design also added to the thoughtfulness of the outfit. The design philosophy to lengthen the life by being able to pair and mix and match between the garments was also impressive.

Not to mention it could be shared between his and her wardrobe. High Tea with Mrs Woo (the three sisters label) is all about slow fashion and designing for an uncertain future.

In response to COVID-19 the judges awarded a Highly Commended Local Maker prize of $2,000 in response to assist a local artist.



Judges’ comments

The judges loved the approachability behind this design. Sustainable isn’t the first thing that comes to mind its classic outfit that anyone can wear it. An easy, lasting and thoughtful style for anyone. The judges commended Courtney’s consideration of the full lifecycle – from the first thought that is conceived to wearing the item and even into disposal.

Sold with the service of lifetime mending it covers an aspect not many designers have done before. All components will break down due to the natural fibres including buttons. A smart design and approachable design certain to take us into the future.