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Meet the makers

In 2020, we present the Designer Showcase, featuring the work of 21 professional and emerging fashion designers from across Australia and around the world.

01 Megan Anderson

WABI-SABI (perfectly imperfect)
This design comprises of a variety of predominantly vintage textiles with the exception of the main cloth used in the skirt. View item ⟶

02 Marita Macklin

Smoke + Ash
Using traditional and contemporary embroidery techniques I create one off individual garments. View item ⟶

03 Courtney Holm

Future Classic explores the concept of sustainability as conservation. Celebrating antiquity through design, the campaign focuses on generating new artefacts with the old and new. View item ⟶

04 Ali Rauf

Reflections on Fashion
Fashion in its purest form is art, while fast fashion is a business model. The line between fashion and fast fashion is blurred by short-sighted vision, consumerism and aggressive marketing. View item ⟶

05 Nessie Croft

For We the Makers we have created an outfit that truly represents Coreprêt's values and how we see the future of sustainable fashion. View item ⟶

06 Amal Laala & Simon Piry

Broc the Kasbah
Broc the Kasbah is a collective of creators, designers, artists and foodies who are inspired by the their cultural backgrounds. View item ⟶

07 Natalie Begg

Material Innovation
As an Australian Designer, my focus is on producing refined, well-crafted and long-lasting garments that look beautiful for years to come. View item ⟶

08 Claire Mercer

Folkloric Wanderer
This look was created entirely using recycled materials (aside from interfacing & the threads used to stitch it together) and mostly natural fibres. View item ⟶

9 Donna Cleveland

Making Metamorphic Materials
The look ‘Making Metamorphic Materials’ is made using recycled designer textile waste destined for landfill. All of the garments are designed with the intention of recycling them again in a circular process. View item ⟶

10 Dovile Sopyte

As a designer, I pay extra attention to natural fabrics and ethical manufacturing processes. I care as much about the circumstances of production as I do about the people behind the process. View item ⟶

11 Anna Woodruff

Looking Backward to Move Forward
Sustainability and ethics have always been at the heart of my designing and making. I wanted to create a look that encapsulates new and old approaches to sustainability, a combination of the two being the best way to innovate for design for the future. View item ⟶

12 Saskia Baur-Schmid

Second Life
The design process was centred around closing the loop, avoiding wasteful discarding of clothes which also leads to wasteful manufacture. View item ⟶

13 Evaleen Motoska

Observing the natural world around her, she is intrinsically linked to the environment and discovering the unassuming beauty within it. View item ⟶

14 Rebecca Gully

Neutron Dance
I’m just burning doing the neutron dance – what to wear for the disco apocalypse? View item ⟶

15 Yuhe Chi

The Erosion of Nature
My clothing is inspired by the imagination of bacteria densely attached to the body. The human body is a canvas for them, they spread and grow randomly and irregularly. View item ⟶

16 Rowena, Juliana & Angela Foong x UoN

Six Seasons
Our Six Seasons look is grounded in the desire to create environmentally sustainable garments that inclusively fit a range of body shapes, are gender neutral, and flexibly adapt to changing climate conditions. View item ⟶

17 Fiona McPherson

The Future Looks Good
Every garment is crafted with longevity in mind; from sourcing the fabric, to how the garment is constructed, right down to the type of threads used to sew the garments together. View item ⟶

18 Fiona Harper Harwood

Earth Warrior
Wildflower Creations Australia is innovative, responsible, fashion design, delivering value to the world to consciously evolve in harmonious cooperation with our natural environment. View item ⟶

19 Hannah Green

Haan Haan
Our gorgeous rust print is created with nothing but organic materials and is printed on vegan silk. View item ⟶

20 Ana Covarrubias Vara

Black Butterfly
Fernanda Covarrubias is a Mexican Fashion Designer who focuses on sustainable fashion. She owned her brand label in Mexico which was made of deadstock fabric and was locally made and distributed. View item ⟶

21 Caterina Monea

Fight for the Future
The Fight for the Future dress was designed around the concept of our future being in desperate need of a sustainability hero. View item ⟶