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Yuhe Chi

The Erosion of Nature

My clothing is inspired by the imagination of bacteria densely attached to the body. The human body is a canvas for them, they spread and grow randomly and irregularly.

Various colors and materials are mixed together to create an absurd and beautiful picture. I want to express a feeling of nature’s backbiting. It should be rebellious because it is from a state of primitive creatures. So I pay close attention to textiles and study the different visual effects brought by various weaving techniques.

The process of biological spread is very random, so there are many gaps and patterns. I chose rough cotton yarns and velvet yarns. I did a lot of yarn nature dyeing and weaving.I used paint to simulate the bacterial growth, and then weaved the yarn to turn it to a 3D form.

Yuhe Chi

Donna Chi is currently studying Fashion Design in Parsons the New School.

She was born in China and moved to Australia. The mixing culture and identity allow her to look into a different perspective and be more open-minded to cultural differences. Donna loves all art forms, such as illustrations, artificial flower craft, photography, and sculpture. She is constantly building up her experience by exploring new things and materials.

Donna Chi developed her passion for design as a child, inspired by her grandmother’s handcraft, she is heavily attracted to textile development.

Fashion design provides a new platform for her to interpret emotional and visual concept into an actual garment. She has expended her personality through the process of mix and match textiles. She also stepped into fashion photography which she found it is a nice way to show the clothing’s character. It evokes many new possibilities for both garments and herself.

She is always interested in environment and working with sustainable subjects.

This collection is based on the threatening predations of climate change, our environment is in an increasingly hostile situation. Humans are destroying large parts of the habitable earth, and are causing unimaginable suffering to many of the animals and plants that inhabit them. If human beings are suddenly extinct, how will the traces of human civilization be covering up? This collection aim to evoke people’s feeling to protect earth and being more sustainable.