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Saskia Baur-Schmid

Second Life

The design process was centred around closing the loop, avoiding wasteful discarding of clothes which also leads to wasteful manufacture.

It means using our natural resources to their full potential before they are discarded. Zero waste pattern-making was used to reduce textile waste from an average of 15% to 0%.

The look was developed using low impact- closed loop materials from rescuing and reimagining the destiny of unwanted designer short ends and injecting them back into the circular fashion system instead of destining these fabrics to landfill.

The look features low impact sustainable alternatives such as Pinatex- a fibre extracted from pineapple leaves, and Cupro- a regenerated cellulose fibre made from cotton waste. Natural, low impact fabrications were chosen for their durability, homogeneity of composition and compatibility for end of life recyclability.

Material innovation through circular sourcing and reduction of virgin material reliance ensures that there is minimal impact at the collections end- of- life.

Saskia Baur-Schmid

Hyph-n’s clothes are fit for the future we want to live in.

Our design philosophy is cemented in designs that inspire a slowing down of fashion’s cycles, producing in limited quantity, and designing with longevity and trans-seasonality in mind. I am guided by my values and have developed a look that is based around designing out waste, minimising my carbon footprint as a designer, and transforming the future of the fashion industry.

With this in mind, I set out to challenge the traditional notion of sustainable fashion by synthesising environmentally friendly practices with edgy, timeless and sophisticated designs.

By reimagining the power of creativity to solve a crisis of waste and unnecessary consumption, zero waste pattern-making and cutting, up-cycling, and material innovation through circular sourcing and the reduction of virgin material reliance were core in the development of this look.

This creative and considered approach to sustainable fashion has resulted in the use of low impact raw pineapple fibre- Pinatex- used to develop the finishing touches to the look and formed the base material for the shoes and hat featured in this look, whilst more conscious fabric choices such as Cupro and Tencel formed the remainder of the look. No detail was spared consideration was taken into sourcing 100% Tencel sewing thread, biodegradable elastic and formaldehyde free fusing.

Through my sustainable design I hope to inspire the next generation of women to challenge the unconscious consumerism that drives the industry by creating a more considered way of self-expression and connection with the clothes they wear. Let’s encourage less consumption, more wear and educated decisions based on fabrication and quality and how our choices impact the world we live in.