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Rebecca Gully

Neutron Dance

I’m just burning doing the neutron dance – what to wear for the disco apocalypse?

I deliberately chose innovative textiles to demonstrate the imperative to explore and work with newly developed fabrics.

My two sustainable performance driven textiles are :

• Meryl® Creora Neoprene, 84% Nylon 16% Polyurethane – Meryl®’s philosophy is to permanently engineer performance and functionality into yarns to reduce or eliminate water, energy and chemical use
• 100% recycled woven nylon made by Hyosung – the world’s first ever environmentally friendly recycled nylon, a reclaimed nylon yarn with CONTROL UNION’s Global Recycle Standard(GRS) certification.

My other sustainable concepts and processes are:

• a design process that works towards creating a modular outfit that can be worn in multiple ways to add value and longevity and reduce disposability
• minimal waste cutting
• creating adjustable, detachable elements with accessible silhouettes that move beyond size and age
• heritage elements that explore the legacy of makers through referencing vintage handmade techniques and flat pattern making

Rebecca Gully

Climate combat gear – it’s survival of the hottest.

The Problem:

We face a future of extremes. We need to utilise consumer waste and not continue to produce damaging materials. Our fabrics need to be environmentally friendly, technical, innovative and functional. My goal was to create a carefully curated look with embedded versatility – through modular pieces – survivalist transformers need to combine and re-combine their outfits.

The Intention:

Sustainability in fabrication, make and wear to minimize climate impact and waste. Increased wearability through reversible, adjustable, and detachable components. Maximise value of product and it’s lifecycle, reduce disposability. Minimal waste cutting Create silhouettes and garments that move beyond size and age. Utilise traditional skills in making; explore our heritage as makers – referencing traditional techniques such as the construction of sleeves in vintage patternmaking. Craft moves garments beyond basics and reconnects us with cultural heritage. Hand finishing.

The Look:

Modular utility features taken from sportswear meet early 1980s inspired silhouettes with a disco funk soundtrack. The outfit consists of three core pieces in a matt utility finish nylon – adjustable hem tapered utility pants; A line split front skirt; reversible tunic blouse – with extra detachable collar. Plus complementary outerwear neoprene coat and bra top. The garments are hyperfunctional and feature drawstrings and bungee cords, utility pockets and zippers. The garments combine into 16 different looks – double this with the addition of the coat and bra top.

The colour palette embraces the artificial bright of neon lime and combines it with future fashion colours of muted dark dusty coral pink, jade green and cobalt blue and grey mist. An acknowledgement that we need high impact colours in digital worlds as well as in real life.

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