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Nessie Croft


For We the Makers we have created an outfit that truly represents Coreprêt’s values and how we see the future of sustainable fashion.

Shirt and Trousers

Made from 100% Australian Wool Woven by Geelong Textile Mill Finished by Geelong Dye House Yarn is Eco Label certified Thread; both seams and top stitching are Scanfil 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is dyed to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Spun in the Netherlands 100% Organic Cotton fusing; 1 side is coated with Formaldehyde free resin fuse and is woven in Germany, Oeko-Tex® certified, GOTS approved.

Button (trouser) made from 50-60% recycled hemp + recycled thermosetting 20-25% and 20-25% binders and dyes.

Hand Knitted Vest

A combination of up-cycled wool sourced from reclaimed 100% wool jumpers; un-spin by us and re-knitted (red and cream), 100% Australian Merino wool from Yuruga Plains in Victoria and vintage wool inherited from Nessie’s grandmother.

Both the vest and shirt are 100% biologically circular garments; made to be easily reintegrated into the biosphere at their end of life.

Shoes are vintage

Head to www.corepret.com to find out more!

Nessie Croft

We believe in the meaningful role fashion plays in our personal narratives, and at the heart of our research is the desire to listen and learn from the social landscapes that inform our creative sensibility.

With this in mind, we’ve done our homework and framed our project to highlight local and biological with traditional craft and recycled techniques, whilst staying true to our design signature.

All of our work is framed through the study of a Monday to Friday working week, exploring everyday rituals associated with current social settings in and outside of the office. Each day represents a new untold story; one that can be easily translated into wardrobe essentials, whilst providing a framework for our ongoing research.

This outfit brings together our love of tailoring and playful, yet workable silhouettes, with the addition of a hand knitted vest in collaboration with Jaime Smith celebrating the art of craftsmanship. The future of fashion for us means taking responsibility for our clothing throughout the entire process, therefore we ultimately design for longevity and circularity with the aim of cultivating lifestyle changes to support and nurture the world around us.