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Natalie Begg

Material Innovation

As an Australian Designer, my focus is on producing refined, well-crafted and long-lasting garments that look beautiful for years to come.

Item 1. Reversible Quilted Silk Jacket

– Silk offcuts, including Warmsilk®
– Wool batting
– Denim binding
– Recycled button
– Embroidery thread

I selected a variety of different silk offcuts from making silk lingerie. To give this fabric a second life, I have used various shibori techniques, tie-dyed or hand painted every piece using eco-friendly dyes. The silks are carefully positioned to ensure colours and prints complement each other and then pinned to the wool batting and silk lining. I have pinned the three layers together and quilted organic shapes on an industrial sewing machine. The jacket is then constructed and each seam is covered with silk binding so it is reversible. The jacket is fastened with thread loops and recycled buttons covered in silk. This garment comes with a matching compression bag for travelling.

Item 2. Denim Jeans with Silk

– Denim
– Silk offcuts
– Studs
– Button
– Zip

For these classic jeans, I hand crafted and sandpaper treated them for a soft, worn look. I hand-sewed silk offcuts re-used from the lingerie side of my business to the pockets, further reducing the amount of waste in manufacture. Studs, a button and zip complete the process.

Item 3. T-shirt

– Warmsilk®
– Zip

My collaboration with Jemala, Australia’s award-winning experts in ultrafine wool technology, began in 2006. Together we have developed this lustrous fabric that has a beautiful drape, is easy to handle and has durable wearability. This fabric is made from ethically produced Australian wool and silk. The fabric has then been stretched onto a silk frame, hand-painted and steamed before construction.

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Natalie Begg

I have chosen to use natural fibres in each garment.

Natural fibres are better for the environment as they biodegrade more quickly than synthetics, do not release dangerous chemicals into your body, via your skin, or nanofibres into the ecosystem. My long-term focus is preserving our planet and your health. I like to make luxurious items that are timeless and pieces that you will treasure.

The jacket is made from pure silk with wool batting.

Silk is nature’s strongest fiber and will keep its shape and repel dirt if you follow the care instructions. Minimal washing and ironing is required, saving water and the environment. Every piece of silk in each garment has been hand-painted. Hand-painted silk uses less water and ink (less than one cup per meter), making it a more sustainable option than any other printing method.

I hand mix the dyes in my studio to create unique colours.

The acid base dyes and plant base dyes I have chosen, balance environmental sustainability with the ability to provide colour vibrancy and longevity. I want to encourage people to have meaningful relationships with their clothing. I hope to contribute and be more involved in supporting the fashion industry become more transparent, traceable, and circular.