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Hannah Green

Haan Haan

Our gorgeous rust print is created with nothing but organic materials and is printed on vegan silk.

We spend our days down in rural farm towns of NSW collecting beautifully weathered metals. These metals are then used to create 100% organic prints that never repeat, giving our consumer a totally unique garment. This printing technique takes time and is varied by the weather. The washing process is then conducted in our little Sydney backyard, where all the water is recycled by watering plants!

The hand knitted marino wool jumper is a perfect transpersonal piece. Not only for the amazing natural properties of marino wool, but as the design allows for a detachable scarf, so really you’re getting a two in one piece!

This look is accessorised by CVLCHA, an Australian start up jewellery brand using all natural stones.

Head to www.haanhaan.com to find out more!

Hannah Green

Hand crafted fabrications and a conscious outlook Haan Haan is a solely unique way of dressing.

With the continuing rise of mass consumerism and over production, we aim to slow the process, giving you a beautifully and consciously crafted garment.

At Haan Haan, we want to change the way you view ordinary textiles. We source our fabrics from sustainably certified manufacturers and then uniquely hand print them. Our chemical free, natural printing is what defines our wearer, as a conscious, artistic and completely individual consumer. Each and every one of our garments is a piece of art, with no two having the same print thanks to the organic and irregular nature of our printing techniques.

Although the entry piece has been made on vegan silk, the HAAN HAAN brand is creating a small run of these pieces on 100% recycled PET fibres, meaning we are helping to remove unwanted plastics from the environment as well as not aiding in the demand of new fabrics.

Our Manufacturing statement:

“We Pride Ourselves In Creating Clothing From Natural And Locally Sourced Fibres. Our Manufacturing Is Dedicated To 100% Ethical And Sustainable Production. Our Staff Are All On Monthly Wages And Above Award Wage, It Is Not A Sweatshop Style Factory And The Staff Are Not Paid Per Piece Which Creates Poor Quality And Hardworking Conditions. We Work As A Family And Work Hard To Ensure All Wastage Is Reduced And Our Factory Based On A Plastic Free, Sustainable Mentality. Our Staff Are A Mix Of Balinese (Hindu) And Javanese (Muslim), So In Saying There We Have Both Balinese And Muslim Holidays. We Also Try To Create Knowledge And Awareness With All Our Staff About Waste Management, Reducing Plastic Consumption And Overall Contributing To A More Kind And Sustainable World.”