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Fiona McPherson

The Future Looks Good

Every garment is crafted with longevity in mind; from sourcing the fabric, to how the garment is constructed, right down to the type of threads used to sew the garments together.

Jacket: made from remnants/end of bolt Prada felt wool, lined with cotton cupro, trimmed with kangaroo leather welt pockets and 100% organic cotton ribbing. Snaps have been used because they are easily replaced instead of a zipper which will ruin a garment if it needs to be replaced.

Jeans: made without a fly, they have a stretch waistband to accommodate the potential fluctuation of a women’s weight and are made from technical denim, which has brilliant memory. Sustainability and ethical practices are always at the forefront of design when creating any sort of clothing. For the future, design and manufacturing need to follow this model of thought and execution.

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Fiona McPherson

When designing, I create with several things in mind.

Initially, I design clothing that isn’t part of a trend. This ensures that the people who purchase my clothing, love the items for what they are, rather than what it is a part of in the time-critical fashion trend blip. I look at the functionality of the garment and will constantly improve and evolve a style, ensuring that my customers will be comfortable and look great, building their confidence and encouraging them to wear that garments repeatedly. It’s ethical for the planet. It’s sustainable as they are content with their purchase and hopefully see that the fast fashion items that they purchase don’t give them the same joy.

I want to convert people’s buying perspective to spending on locally and ethically made, thoughtfully constructed quality fashion rather than the other option available that ends up as landfill or a part of large global brands $ 14 billion deficit created from unsellable fast fashion.

My factory in Moolap was created to reduce the amount of product required to be made.

I can create small-batch designs ( this design has just had 24 units made) without having to commit to large minimums that we risk not having enough customers to sell to. I can make one of a kind items from what limited beautiful remnant fabric I can find (the jacket), to creating enough stock to keep me in business, without over investment.

The world we live in is choking on mass-produced convenience.

By producing in small amounts from upcycled, end of the bolt or natural fabric’s, locally – I feel like I am doing my “bit”. I’m giving locals work in a great environment and thoughtfully designing sustainable, long-lasting fashion for the like-minded fashion-conscious.