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Fiona Harper Harwood

Earth Warrior

Wildflower Creations Australia is innovative, responsible, fashion design, delivering value to the world to consciously evolve in harmonious cooperation with our natural environment.

Hood: 100% Wool crepe jersey. Design, pattern make, cut & sew. Hood edging Merino & Polworth Wool & Silk tops, Nuno wet felting technique.

Cape/under-bust/skirt wrap (worn three ways): Batik (soy & bees wax resist) hand painted using fibre reactive dyes on Parachute Silk, with Silk chamois bias cut binding and straight cut ties. Pattern make cut & sew.

Dress: Salvaged 100% Wool crepe jersey & metal bra sliders. Pattern make cut & sew.

Arm Ruffles: Feral Cane Toad skins & self tanned feral rabbit furs stitched onto pig skin lining. Hand painted Batik silk ruffles. Design, pattern, cut & sew.

Leg Chaps: Feral Cane Toad skins & self tanned feral rabbit furs. Design, pattern, cut & sew. Water bottle, & cutlery Bag: merino wool wet felting. Strap is up-cycled denim from worn out jeans.

Fiona Harper Harwood

Improving the well being of the wearer through sustainable natural elements, creative interchangeable designs, functional comfort, colour therapy, and style that invokes mindfulness of Love and Care of Mother Earth.

Because without our planet’s health, we can not be. Silk and wool are low impact, long life protein fibres with a wide variety of textile properties from stable weaves to stretchy knits that allow our bodies to breathe, insulate and shade from the elements, creating well being physically, and emotionally by raising the wearer’s vibration.

The classical simple, pocket practical wool jersey dress is made from a vintage wool jersey treasure.

The cape/skirt & arm ruffles are deconstructed Wearable Art sleeve wings from my very 1st art piece, giving this beautiful hand painted silk fabric a new life as a shoulder cape with arm slits, with variations of front bodice cross strapped empire line skirt, or waist tie skirt with a french ruching option on the back panels to shorten the length and add volume. Feral animals in the Australian environment are having devastating negative effects on native animal populations & the landscape.

A resource which would otherwise be a waste product when eradicating, adds impact to the designs with colour, texture, warmth & protection, also inviting a conversation raising awareness of a subject that needs more awareness and new Earth Warriors.

We the makers of slow clothing redefine ‘fashion’ NOW, to promote ethical textiles, inventive re-use, redefine design for interchangeable looks to bring back the appreciation of ecological long lasting clothing stitched with purpose and passion.