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Evaleen Motoska


Observing the natural world around her, she is intrinsically linked to the environment and discovering the unassuming beauty within it.


SLOWeave is an entirely textile driven, slow fashion contemporary womenswear outfit which explores the traditional handmade  techniques of spun yarn from raw fibre and hand-woven fabric panels. Australian Merino wool roving has been hand-spun into yarn using a traditional spinning wheel, hand-woven into fabric using a rigid heddle loom and draped on the stand to form the coat and halter top, exploring a no-waste methodology.

These pieces have been thoughtfully made, mirroring the textural silhouettes of the handwoven wool and the natural formations observed within the Australian bushland habitat. Intertwined with the intricacies of materiality, eco dyeing has been applied in a contemporary way to the wide-leg pants and the top, to highlight the colourations of locally gathered Eucalyptus leaves, barks and gumnuts.

With this low impact and sustainable approach, using natural remnants to mindfully imbue the cloth with colour, SLOWeave subtly reconnects the wearer to nature.

Evaleen Motoska

Being at one with the world of plants, taking design cues from an ordinary seed pod to the shedding bark of a Eucalyptus tree, every aspect of their unique form, texture and hue serve as inspiration for her designs.

Graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) degree and based in Melbourne, Australia, her design ethos revolves around the beauty of nature, preservation of traditional craftsmanship and a profound respect for her local environment.

Strongly linked to the principles of slow fashion, no-waste and sustainability, her pieces are artisanal and locally made with natural fibres used throughout. Through her collections she hopes to bring greater connection to our natural world and to capture the uniqueness of the Australian landscape.

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