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Dovile Sopyte


As a designer, I pay extra attention to natural fabrics and ethical manufacturing processes. I care as much about the circumstances of production as I do about the people behind the process.

The suit and trousers were crafted using leftover materials from my previous collections. The fabric is 100% wool, and the lining is 100% silk. To instill the feeling of transformation as a part of the look, I have utilized metal joints. The shirt was crafted using all-natural fabric and lining (a combination of silk and cotton) from a used dress.

Eventually, I utilized that same fabric for a pattern of a brand new garment. The hat is 100% wool, and it was made by our partners who take great pride in their longstanding traditions of doing business locally. During the designing phase, I decided to add metal chains as a way of giving the look more personality.

I bought the shoes in a vintage shop. For the mask I once again utilized previously used materials; its design represents the significance of the troubling times that we live in.

Dovile Sopyte

That’s why we carefully select each supplier. During all stages of creating a collection, I abide by the principles of zero-waste.

That’s why I crafted my competition look by utilizing all-natural leftovers from previous collections or bygone dresses.

I doubt that nowadays anyone is surprised by a brand practicing zero-waste policies, so I challenged myself to take the next step — rethinking our wearing habits from a plethora of perspectives. As ideas of conscious consumption are surging our culture, I want to encourage a shift in people’s ideas about clothing — to think of it in terms of multifunctionality. That is how the whole idea of crafting a pliable garment came into fruition; essentially, it is a piece of clothing that can transform into several completely different looks. My big hope is that this idea will encourage people to think creatively in terms of how a specific piece of clothing could be applied. I decided to use a mask for this look because it perfectly represents the biggest challenges of our world.

Initially, I designed this garment with seven different looks in mind.

However, I’m pretty sure people will use their creativity for finding even more different looks since I created a possibility to adjust the fabric’s length and original form. I genuinely believe in the idea of multifunctional clothing and its positive effects on the environmentalproblems that we face as a culture. I’m more than sure that each and every one of us can be more conscious and creative when thinking of our wearing habits.