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Donna Cleveland

Making Metamorphic Materials

The look ‘Making Metamorphic Materials’ is made using recycled designer textile waste destined for landfill. All of the garments are designed with the intention of recycling them again in a circular process.

The garments have easily removable fixtures such as zips.

Jacket: The felted textile component of the jacket is developed entirely from 100% pre- consumer recycled designer textile waste, colour sorted, shredded and then reanimated together using needle-felting. The hand-knitted collar is interchangeable and can be zipped on and off. It has been made from hand-spun yarn using 60% recycled textile waste and 40% virgin wool fibres.

Dress: The dress is made using fine woven merino (purchased). The pink pattern has been applied by needle and wet-felting on recycled fibres.

Booties: The shoe covers have been hand- knitted using the recycled fibers spun into new yarn. The booties can be used over any shoe or boot to transform the look.

Donna Cleveland

Donna Cleveland is a designer, maker, researcher and lecturer within the School of Future Environments at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.

Donna has a fervent interest in fashion, but the dichotomy between her personal values of sustainability and the current practices of contemporary fashion design are at war; this tussle has been the inspiration for her look. Her creative practice engages with issues of textile re-use, materiality and making. A materials driven design process offers her a true closed-loop circular system that is entirely regenerative.

It challenges existing fashion design processes and demonstrates how to divert textile waste from landfill.

This innovative textile development has resulted in an unexpected aesthetic and draws no reference to its first life as rubbish. The development of a contemporary aesthetic emphasises the ability for sustainable practice to result in products which have a clear fashion context. Donna’s goal is to use this potential to solve the issue of textile waste in New Zealand by recycling both pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste.

Donna believes the future is exciting rather than all bad news.

Developments and technological advancements in the methods of identifying and sorting fibres from textile waste will generate more opportunities for recycling as producers and consumers understand new value propositions other than only economic.

Donna hopes to use innovative design led strategies, alternative materials research and designing for sustainable systems change to show new ways to value textiles and fashion. Her areas of expertise include new textile applications and fabrication, sustainable fashion and textiles design, social engagement through sustainable design education, textile reuse within a social context and developing more effective systems of fashion textiles waste management.

Her passion lies in sustainable design education and the fusion of traditional applications with emerging technologies to redefine the future landscape of design.