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Courtney Holm


2R Coat

– Archival
– Designed for disassembly
– Materials; Shell 100% recycled wool yarn, previously destined to become a blanket, loom errors rendered blanket un-usable, Lining 100% Lenzing Tencel Lyocell
– Lining attaches with discreet mono-material ties, removable for washing, wearing as a separate layer or replacing, therefore extending shell lifespan
– Final destination; Shell is mechanical recycling at the mill it came from in Tasmania, Lining is bio-chemical recycling into new yarns or compost

A.04 Shirt

– Staple
– Materials; stock-on-hand organic linen, Tencel threads, corozo buttons + organic fusing
– Sold with free lifetime repairs, care manual + take-back option
– Final destination; Bio-chemical recycling or compost

Rec Trouser

– Made to Measure
– Materials; stock-on-hand organic linen, Tencel threads, corozo buttons, organic fusing
+ biodegradable elastic
– Sold with free lifetime repairs, care manual + take-back option
– Final destination; bio-chemical recycling or compost

Courtney Holm

Future Classic explores the concept of sustainability as conservation.

Celebrating antiquity through design, the campaign focuses on generating new artefacts with the old and new, man-made and organic, while unpacking the dualities of creation and consumption. With materiality as the muse, Future Classic is a bold expression of zero waste techniques and resourcefulness in both detail and silhouette.

Creative Director and Founder of A.BCH, Courtney Holm is merging creative practice with complex issues, like planetary boundaries and addressing inequality. With a focus on innovative problem solving through making, circular systems thinking is applied to each garment to both educate and inspire.

Salvage is the title of this look from the Future Classic collection and is made entirely from pre-existing materials.

Each piece looks at waste in a new light, with a focus on end of life, craftsmanship and longevity of style and functionality. The making of Salvage is deeply connected to design process, as each is informed by the fabrication and raw materials, their limitations, functions and end of life options. The hope is that the pieces themselves spark conversation around maker and wearer responsibility whilst providing enjoyment in each of stage of lifecycle.

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