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Caterina Monea

Fight for the Future

The Fight for the Future dress was designed around the concept of our future being in desperate need of a sustainability hero.

Materials (all sourced from local op shops)

– Two second hand leather jackets – Second hand neoprene dress
– Remnant silver lining piece
– Second hand headband
– Second hand shoes


– Sourcing inspiration
– Concept development
– Garment design
– Pattern-making
– Toiling for the shape and fit of the garment
– Unpicking of secondhand garments
– Patchwork of leather to fit the pattern pieces
– Mark and cut fabric in most efficient way
– Sew garment
– Make headband
– Style and shoot look on model

Caterina Monea

In the designing and researching processes, I was inspired by superhero looks and began to put my own high fashion twist on this concept.

In this day and age, the image that we already have of our future often seems so bleak and the thought of trying to change this is overwhelming. However, if everyone does their best to play their own part in changing this, there may be a silver lining in what’s to come.

This statement is one that I kept in mind when designing this look.

I was inspired by the idea of a dark future (hence the black exterior of the dress), but took this as an opportunity to add in a silver lining feature to the garment (something that is touched on again in accessories). I also ensured that I was remaining sustainable as I produced this look. All materials were sourced from second hand garments and the fabric was used efficiently in the cutting process of production.

Ultimately, a hero is someone who can be a voice for those who do not have one. I believe that fashion can speak and do exactly that. Through creativity, we can initiate change.