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Ana Covarrubias Vara

Black Butterfly

Fernanda Covarrubias is a Mexican Fashion Designer who focuses on sustainable fashion. She owned her brand label in Mexico which was made of deadstock fabric and was locally made and distributed.

Deadstock fabrics.

Scraps fabrics.

Preloved pins and buttons.

Design started with the selection of already owned deadstock and scrap fabrics from previous projects.

Then pattern making and cutting, saving the scraps for future projects. Although the idea of the whole look was set, the design of the embellishment on the cape evolved on the go, while being handstitched piece by piece over the cape, since all the scraps were different. That’s like creating a piece of art when the result is unexpected which is one of the most challenging and exciting things about Upcycling.

Once they were all in place, the cape and the lining were attached using a sewing machine and then finalized handstitched. Even tags were sewn over matching scraps pieces of fabrics. Pants and top were sewn in a straight and overlocker machine. Earring is part of Fernanda Covarrubias collection and was made of scraps and recycled feathers.

Ana Covarrubias Vara

She started her new Upcycled Fashion project a couple of years ago which bears her name, Fernanda Covarrubias.

“I have always known that fashion is my passion, is my way to celebrate who I am and my creativity. But I’m also aware of the footprint that fashion has on our planet nowadays, that’s why I use deadstock fabric and preloved materials only in all my collections” she said.

I can say the creative process of an upcycled piece is more challenging than designing a piece from brand new materials since I rely on pieces already made, and deadstock fabrics, so I cannot simply draw a collection and go and buy brand new fabrics, for me is the opposite. Of course, I have an ethos in mind regarding colors for example but, then I have to work around with what is available at the moment.

Sometimes with deadstock fabrics, you may find a fabulous piece of fabric but may not even be enough to complete a single piece, so the creative process starts again by adding a different deadstock fabric or a piece of an existing garment or simply by changing the design.

I would say the fabric speaks to me and then the design comes to my mind.

I truly believe we can create a positive change in our society leading by example, that’s why for me it is very important to create sustainable options. My aim is to educate people and help them to discover how fabulous and fashionable they can look while wearing a sustainable garment, showing them that sustainable fashion and upcycling are beyond mending and patchwork techniques.