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Amal Laala & Simon Piry

Broc the Kasbah

Broc the Kasbah is a collective of creators, designers, artists and foodies who are inspired by the their cultural backgrounds.

Head band: default fabric is used with inserts consisting of repurposed wire from old electrical appliances.

Earrings: Old Moroccan money is melted down and reused to make new earrings. Wood offcuts and recycled glass are incorporated into the design.

Belt: Leather off-cuts as backing with a Vintage Carpet face.

Clutch: A vintage Moroccan Wedding Blanket is repurposed. Shirt: Default fabric is used

Bomber Jacket: default fabric is used

Pants: Default fabric is used All carpets/blankets and fabrics are sourced at secondhand markets and stores selling default, end of the role and remnants.

Shoes: Models own – Second hand

Amal Laala & Simon Piry

Mashing their Moroccan, French, Finnish and Australian cultures with a contemporary vibe.

Our work is vibrant and bold and we look no further than our own cultural histories and our contemporary lives as influence. Members of the collective consist of some of the best makers in Marrakech and have used the same techniques for centuries. Other members are international creatives being influenced by street fashion and current environmental issues.

We all collaborate, each bringing our unique skills to make our clothing and accessories; skilfully made, comfortable, stylish and also earth conscious. Our garments are made with a vintage feel using colour and pattern to make you stand out in a crowd. Default and end of the role fabrics are used in short runs with no more than four garments in the same fabric just to keep things unique.

We do not mass produce anything, all of our clothing and accessories are made by hand with a style that represents our creative flair.